General dentistry

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General dentistry

Routine dental check up

A thorough dental check up is conducted and a detailed status of the teeth and gums will be explained to the patient,

Based on the condition of your teeth and patient expectations, a treatment plan is custom made for each patient to get that confident smile you’ve always wanted!

Dental restorations

Do you experience food lodgement or mild sensitivity to cold/ sweet eateries? Have you noticed visible black/ brown areas on your teeth?
If yes, you have Dental Caries !

Visit our Specialist Dentist to get your decayed teeth filled with the latest technology of tooth colored fillings available. Existent discolored fillings and metal fillings can also be replaced to ensure a natural look to your teeth.

Surgical extractions/ wisdom tooth Extraction/ Impacted third molar extractions

Having repeated trouble with your wisdom tooth, due to infection or lack of space to erupt? Do you have any severely damaged root stumps that cannot be saved? Get rid of this complaint by opting for painless surgical extraction procedures under local anesthesia with our Specialist Dentist.

You can also go for extractions as part of preparation for braces and in case of grossly decayed teeth which cannot be saved.

Root Canal Treatments

Consult us if you have severe sensitivity or pain to hot and cold foodstuff, severe pain keeping you up at night or swelling in relation to a particular tooth. This condition can be treated by the specialized procedure of painless root canal treatment, done by our Specialist Dentists at Total Dental Care. This procedure saves your natural tooth, without having to extract the tooth.

Dental cleaning and polishing.

As is a well known fact, routine cleaning and polishing of teeth at least once in six months can prevent gum diseases, teeth decay and early loss of teeth; and simultaneously improves your oral hygiene.

Dental Night Guards/ Sports Guards

Do you grind your teeth consciously or unconsciously? Do you notice abnormal wearing down of teeth or experience muscle soreness around the jaws in the mornings? Patients who suffer from this condition, Bruxism, often grind their teeth wearing it down, leading to future jaw joint problems.

At Total Dental Care, the Specialist Dentist measures and designs custom-made guards for each patient, to be worn at night, to ensure teeth protection. At our clinic , we also offer Sports Guards meant for teeth protection during sports.

Smile Makeovers

Are you conscious of your smile due to a chipped, discolored, malalligned or missing tooth/ teeth?

At Total Dental Care, the Specialist Dentist can reshape teeth, close unsightly spaces, restore worn teeth or cosmetically alter the length of your teeth.

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